Cancellation Policy

1. Cancellations, Refunds, and Returns:

1.1 Refunds

Except as otherwise set forth in the Terms of Service and the GPS Connect Hardware Warranty, all fees paid are non-refundable. In the event that GPS Connect determines Customer is eligible for any refunds after termination of its subscription services, any such refund will only be processed after the return of all Hardware to GPS Connect (except to the extent that Customer has purchased the Hardware outright, as opposed to Service-Packaged Hardware).

1.2 Termination/Cancellation Fees:

In the event that Customer cancels or terminates its subscription prior to the end of a subscription term (e.g. if customer signs up for an annual (12-month) contract and cancels after six (6) months), GPS Connect may immediately charge customer’s credit card, debit card, or other payment method on file for all remaining fees owed for the remainder of the subscription term.

1.3 Automatic Renewal

Customer’s subscriptions will automatically renew at the end of the selected subscription period (e.g. 12 months), at which time payment for Customer’s subscriptions will be processed on the default credit card, debit card, or other payment method on file. If Customer is on an annual (or greater term length) subscription, its subscription will be renewed for successive 12-month periods. If Customer is on a monthly subscription, its subscription will be renewed for successive 1-month periods.

1.4 Cancellation Prior to Automatic Renewal:

If Customer wishes to cancel before automatic renewal, Customer must contact GPS Connect Support at or +91 97870 44702

2. Hardware Device Returns, Exchanges and Return Fees:

2.1 Returns after cancellation/termination:

Unless Customer has purchased the Hardware outright (as opposed to Service-Packaged Hardware), Customer must return all Hardware within 30 days from termination or cancellation of it Services.

2.2 Exchanges

If Customer exchanges its Hardware for new Hardware for any reason, Customer must return its old Hardware within 30 days of receipt of its new Hardware, or else Customer will be subject to the Fees for Unreturned/Damaged Hardware set forth below.

2.3 Fees for Unreturned/Damaged Hardware

If Customer does not return its Hardware, or returns it in a damaged state, GPS Connect may charge Customer the Return Fees.